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LNFG  |  2023   |  Producer  |  Recording /Mix Engineer/ Programming

The Number 1 album by SKIDS released on Last Night From Glasgow in 2023.


NoBad Records  |   2019   | 

Recording/ Mix Engineer / Programming / Producer

The mighty Skids  with an acoustic slant on some of their legendary back catalogue

Ali Ferguson

Little Blue Room  |  2023   | 

Programming / Keys 

Programming and keys on this album. The fantastic ambient prog of Ali Ferguson. An amazing project to get involved with.

The Cognac Twins

Loopmaniac Records  | 2017   | 

Engineer / Programming / Producer 

The folktastic sound of The Cognac Twins

Fraser Anderson

Membran Records  |  2016   |  Recording /Mix Engineer/ Programming

Fraser Anderson recorded this album between Real World Studio and Loopmaniac.

A wonderful folk electronica crossover

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